A wizards thoughs.

The boy from the Silver Island.

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This my newest story! I would love all of you could go an read it!

Link here:

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That name is just a place holder until I get a better one lol, ideas are welcome!

It's based off the Hunger Games, well it has the same structure.

Chapter 1

The air is damp, the smell of rain still lingers in the air and the dark clouds are still hovering above. This is normal weather here in my little town of Silverton. My name is Jake, and my parents use to tell me stories about the old times where my small little town wasn’t that, it was a part of a big, country called the United States of America, where this land, the land I now call home, was once populated by 50 states. I heard these states were actually connected together forming one big piece of land, oh how nice that sounds. After the Great War, the country was broken apart, each chunk forming it’s own island, all of this, ran under one tyrannical government. My town was once part of a state called New Jersey. I heard it was on the coast, and people flocked to the beaches, which seems silly to me since everything is coast now and sometimes I just wish I could get away from it all.

From my porch, which is where I usually sit when I need to clear my head, I can see the silver caves. The caves are how our town got its name and how we make money, of course the other islands dig for silver but our island has the most. The caves are dangerous, kids aren’t allowed to work there until there’re 18 and most kids go there to work right away since it pays a good amount of money.

As I get up and head over to the beach I notice a flare shoot into the air and a deep blue color illuminates the sky. Everyone on the island stops and stares at the blue light, it’s become a reaction; the only people unaware of the flares, are the people in the caves. The flare signals a public execution in the coming week. Deep blue means an offensive of the highest degree and calls for a public arena battle.

Ever since the Great War the government has made all criminal offenses a public spectacle. It’s sick and the only people who actual do enjoy it are the people of the Mainland, that’s where the government HQ is located. Once the ominous blue flares fade, and the grey sky returns I head toward the beach where I usually fish and swim. Being that I live on an island I swim often, the ocean has really become my second home. As I take my shirt off and head to the water I hear someone calling my name.

“Jake! Jake! Wait for me!” When I turn around I see Natalie running down into the sand. Natalie is my best friend, her and me grew up together and we got along so well. We basically complete one another’s sentences on occasions.

“Have you been working out Jake?” She say’s while eyeballing me up and down. “I see you’ve been working on that six-pack of yours looks pretty good, and I can see you’re lifting weights now? Your biceps are pretty big too.”Natalie says to me while winking.

I blush; she’s always like this, always saying things to make me turn red. “Thanks I have been working out a little bit”. I say while chuckling and heading towards the sea. The sun is now breaking through the thick blanket of clouds and the rays are warming the seawater. The world look’s so much better underwater, so peaceful. When I pop back up for air I hear a loud explosion and see an immense cloud of sand covering the area Natalie and I were just standing. As I swim back the cloud settles and I see Natalie has vanished. “Natalie!” I scream as I race off to the shore.


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