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Gotten too out of hand

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I am done. These Ice ranting threads are getting to me when they shouldnt. I am leaving central until they stop popping up all over the place. We dont need 25 threads complaining about ice. The first 5 of them got the point across. We dont need members belittling others because they are ice. People just need to calm down about ice because Kingsisle has the gear in the game for a reason. I know the game isnt perfect but give them a chance to actually think a solution over instead of spamming threads about how ice is too powerful and needs to be lowered for the game to be equal. Just because the game isnt fair to some people wont make them change the game. I mean look at PvP. People rant about that all the time. When people rant and get something changed, more people rant about the change. So thats all I have to say now. Goodbye until all these tides over. I may get on to say hello every now and then or use the wiki or use a guide but I am done until the nonsense is over.
Here it is guys....

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