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Hola la personas que vean mi blog :D (Hello people that read my blog) Or at least I think thats what it says...
So I only have one final left :D English! Yay
But today I had to take Biology, Spanish and Algebra.... boo!
I got a B+ on my Biology one and idk about the other two. Biology and Spanish were really easy imo while Algebra was killing me. *image of Nathan fogeting how to find the roots of an equation*
My hair was starting to fall out D: Just like one or two hairs but it was falling... I thought I was going to spontaneously combust on the spot in my classroom. Then I walked home and ate a pulled pork sandwhich :3 It was my lunch since we dont get lunch on finals days.
I hope my English one is easy and that I get and A :D
Well adios :3
O: I remembered how to say goodbye in spanish!
I could've used it on my final ... too late now :D

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  1. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    Lucky you I still have 5 weeks left I: