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Hola people who read my blog :D
Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. In my English Class since its the last normal day my teacher was like:
"Hey why dont you guys bring chips and snacks and we will watch To Kill A Mockingbird?"
She is even giving us extra credit if we bring food :D I am pretty excited since its a good book and what not plus who doesnt like to watch a movie last period and get extra credit for bringing food? I dont know anyone who wouldnt :D
Another thing not relating to TKM is at lunch today my friends and this weird kid who follows us decided to eat outside today :D It was nice and sunny and cool. So we were throwing almonds and barbecue chips at the birds. One took a chip that was almost the same size as its body o: We were laughing histerically... it was an interesting lunch hour :D But then again its my friends and I so I dont expect much past weird

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