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Strange Realization

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Well this is my third blog post in like 10 minutes all because I realized something: I should talk about a bunch of things in one post o: Weird right?
So here I go with my new format of posting blogs.

Well I got my Baritone Friday and I am extremely happy about it. My director decided to switch the trombone section to marcing baritones for show season. I thought it was going to be harder to transistion but its much easier than trombone imo. I almost have my parade song memorized which is pretty good :3

The course of this weekend I am working on a research paper for my english paper. I am doing mine on the Scottsboro Trials. Why? Well it was on the list she gave us that related to To Kill a Mockingbird. Also I have no idea about anything about it so I thought it would be easier to do a research paper on it. I have the intro done so far ... I will get it done.

O: Relating back to the first paragraph I thought of something. So in my band there are 3 hours of the day which are three different bands. If you are in the lower hour band i.e. 6th or 7th, you are better. So there is Symphonic Band-1st Hr, Symphonic Wind Ensemble-6th Hr, and the Wind Ensemble-7th Hr. There used to be a 2nd Hr, actually this year was the last year for it... but anyways thats what I am in this year so I was either getting dropped to first or moved to sixth. My band director told my mom that I was getting moved to sixth :D Although I dont know this yet if you catch my drift.
Well thats all I have to report :D Cya

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