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PvP Deck Set-Ups. Final

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Alright guys so I am willing to make a few deck set ups for the needy people. I will only do set-ups for levels 48-50 so that you have all the school spells.

I will also do only a couple per school.

If you want a set-up post your school, and what you spent your training points on. Also include if you are going to use it for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
P.S. I will make these using a 55 card school deck. so if you have the 60 card one, add what you please to fill up the spots.

Only one set-up per person.

I will also help with adjustments. If you want deck suggestions post your current deck set up, what deck it is(i.e. 50 card school deck, moo-shu), what type of dueling it for(1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4), lastly include what your typical strategy is and what cards you would like to really stay in the deck.

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  1. Blake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex JadeRider
    I answere this one already except for like 2 card changes. The original had reshuffle, but since you do not have that, I replaced with Infection. I would advise keeping like 3 Humongofrogs in Sideboard with a tough on them.

    7 Myth Blade
    2 Infection
    6 Orthrus
    5 Minotaur
    4 Earthquake
    3 H Frog
    2 Cyclops
    2 Satyr
    2 Pixie
    4 Ether shield
    4 Tower shield
    4 Volcanic Shield
    3 Time of Legend
    4 Cyclops Minion
    3 Spirit Blade
    Ok i have reshuffle as well and will this work with like fighting Malistare? Or any PvE?
  2. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blake
    Ok i have reshuffle as well and will this work with like fighting Malistare? Or any PvE?
    This deck will probably drive you insane for PvE. I would only use it for PvP.
  3. Hyperdude's Avatar
    Oh dang, i am 1 point short of satyr O: i am doomed no more PVP for me.
  4. trinidad's Avatar
    Alex, I dont mean to be rude but I was wondering if you forgot about me or something? I mean just wondering if your getting to my deck set-up anytime soon?
  5. Daliery's Avatar
    Can you do a deck set-up for me? I know all Fire skills and all Storm skills, and I know Life up to Spirit Armor, I am a Master Fire, i do 1v1 in PVP and i have the Dragonfire Deck Spells: 60 Copies: 4 Sideboard: 25
  6. Jack~'s Avatar
    What would you recommend for a Life in 1v1. I have All of life. all of available balance cards. Elemental blades and traps, Spirit blades and traps. I don't know why i got these but dissimpiate, melt, and quench. What would you recommend for me?
  7. Daliery's Avatar
    I also have all the spells but i dont have the treasure cards. i only have the spells from Halston Balestrom, and then i have the Life spells until Centaur
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  8. Malikai123's Avatar
    i dont want a deck setup i just have a quick question. I started a new death guy who is now level 26. But with my training point i have learned tower shield and weakness, then after spirit traps and blades.....what should i do with the rest of my points?

  9. seawalker's Avatar
    Hey alex, I got a new myth grand and I guess i will use you to get my first pvp deck set up since i am not yet really used to this school. My training points are ice until tower shields, life until satyr, spirit blades, reshuffle, infection and still dont really know what to do with other 3 to be honest. maybe you can tip me on that too.

    Ps my name is alex too, so it felt weird when i said, "hey, alex" felt like writing a letter to myself XD
  10. StorySmith's Avatar
    Hi Alex,

    Well, I found this section of your blog Maybe your deck set-up is earlier. I'm doing 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and usually switch off between the Steelwielder Deck for 4v4 and Perfect Harmony for 2v2 and 3v3. Recently, I thought I would stop doing that and use Steelwielder for 4v4 and 3v3, and do something stronger for 2v2, which would be less about protecting, buffing, and healing teammates and more about standing on my own. I am a grand sorcerer. I trained Death up to Ghoul, Storm up to Storm Trap, Life up to Sanctuary, Fire up to Fire Elf. In 2v2, I swap out the Nova for more Hydra and Blast, and put in minions for 2v2. I tend to use Balance spells (Judgement, Blast, Hydra) with Fire Elf being my second most commonly used spell. My regular 2v2 partners are Fire, Storm, or Balance.

    Currently (assuming Fire partner):
    Gear: Dragon Rider Staff (Fire Blasts), Pet Hydra, Robe Judge, 2 Troll Ear Guiding Lights

    Sideboard: 2 Stun Block, 5 Tower, 1 Wildfire, 1 Fire Elf, 1 Wild Bolt, 2 Judgement, 2 Nova, 1 Hydra, 1 SB, 1 Sandstorm, 1 Satyr, 1 Rebirth - Last empty slot has been filled with Feint, Power Play, Meteor, another Sandstorm, Spirit Armor, Storm Shield, whatever I happen to have

    Deck of Perfect Harmony:
    1 Legend Shield (Death/Myth)
    6 Spirit Shields
    7 Elemental Shields
    1 Mander
    1 Spectral Minion
    2 Fire Elf
    2 Pixie
    2 Satyr
    1 Sanctuary (recent change; used to be Spirit Armor)
    1 Power Play
    3 BB
    3 Bladestorm
    2 Black Mantle
    2 Weakness
    2 Hex
    4 Judgement
    4 Nova
    3 HH
    2 Reshuffle
    2 Elemental Blade
    2 Hydra
    2 SB
  11. dllmcg's Avatar
    i have the 60 card deck i life and have learned balance up to hydra infection reshuffle
    spirit blade trap and element blaed trap
  12. cheopsrule's Avatar
    Hi I am Death. Level 58. I am wondering will you make me a set up with Astral spells and Skeletal dragon? If so, I have Ice to Tower shield (No satyr I find it a waste of pips. I rely on Sacrfice) And Star: Vengeance, Amplify, Conviction. Sun to Gargantuan. (I regret this) And Moon to Cat. And Secret trainer to Fire Elemental. I Could use a set-up with the 60 card deck and 5 Max. 7 Max death cards. Thank You
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