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Well there are two teachers in my school who seem to not care about me or want me to really fail there class. Math, my math teacher seems to be nice to all the people who are bullies and nice to people who even talk rude things behind her back. She would mostly attend to one of those rude people first and she would always say compliments to them and would help them. Now with the rest of the class who are good and silent or maybe its just me. My math teacher would ignore me when I have my hand raised and if she is near me and I raise my hand and a few mins later someone else thats rude raises it she would go right away fast to them but not me? Also when I have questions about math, she doesnt help me at all. Now my other teacher my gym teacher really wants me to fail her class bad. She would always watch me if I have my cloths for gym and she would get mad at me if I dont and if other people dont have there cloths she wont care and give them a good grade (my friend told me). If I forget to tie my hair she would give me a bad grade the grade if I dont bring my gym cloths just for my hair.

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Bad times


  1. robomax00's Avatar
    O so sad heartbreaking i wish to have them stopped!