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Subs or Crowns: What is right for you

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Cowns vs Subs, the age old discussion. Here is a quick breakdown to figure out which is best suited for you.
First the Pros and drawbacks of each:

*Complete access to the entire game while your account is under a subscription. All areas included. You can quest in any area, you can port to your friends to help them in their battles for experience or farming (a term used to describe battling the same boss/MOB over and over looking for a specific drop or dropped items to sell for gold)
*Unlimited Ranked PvP- You can duel other wizards in the arena for rank and or tickets until your hearts content. You can also race your little helpers (pets) as often as you like as well in Ranked Races.
*A larger Friends Lists. You can add an additional 20 friends when you are a subscribed member.
*A larger backpack- You can carry more of your drops and quest rewards and other various items that can help you in your journey throughout the Spiral.
*Faster Timers-Your crafting and hatching timers are faster. You can try more often for that perfect pet, the pet you want so badly, or craft that extra item for your house.
*Faster Energy Refill- A nice option for the diehard Gardeners or Pet Levelers. Your energy refills quicker allowing you to train your pet more often to reveal those elusive talents or get those last needs taken care before bed to ensure your garden flourishes.
*Test Realm- If, while you are a member, the Test Realm becomes available you are granted instant access.
*Posting on the KI message boards- By being a member you are allowed to post on the Official KI message boards.
*Chat Options- If you are a member, and are over the age of 18, you can get open chat for your wizards. Having open chat allows you to speak more freely within the game. Having open chat doesnt mean you can say whatever you want, there are still filters and can still be reported.

*By playing with crowns you are limited to play in only the areas you buy. However when you buy an area, it is yours forever.
*Ranked PvP: Crowns players can participate in ranked PvP, but have to buy matches (80 crowns per match) or a day pass (240 crowns for 24 hours at time of purchase)
*Test Realm- If you have purchased crowns, in the past 30days, when Teat Realm you are granted access to the Test Realm.

Now it looks like the subscription gives far more options, which it does, but there are drawbacks. When your sub ends, you are limited to the Free to Play areas (Unicorn Way, Triton Ave, Commons, Shopping District, Ravenwood, Golem Court, and the Fairegrounds) Even if you are a level 80 Archmage you cant leave those areas. This is where the crowns players have a huge advantage. Even when a crowns player is past an area, they can continue to visit it whenever they wish, it never expires. A Subscription can be looked at as a form of "renting" the game. This is why KI entices sub players with all the extras. They know that to continue to proceed throughout the game a sub player will, more than likely, have to subscribe multiple months in order to reach the highest ranks of the game.

Here is what it ultimately breaks down to. What kind of player are you? Are you a player that plays quick and fast? Do you stick to the main story line plowing through content? Do you play just to PvP? Are you so addicted to your pets or gardening that the refill times are excruciatingly slow? Are you going to play the game for only a month or two? If you answered yes to some or most of these questions, a sub is probably the way for you to go.

If you are a player who likes to pace themselves? Do you like to get emerged in the story line of a game? Do you want to experience all the different types of schools? Do you want to try multiple ways of playing with the different schools? Do you think you will be playing for more than a year? If you answered yes to some or most of these questions, then being a crowns player seems to fit you better.

Now everyone has their own opinion on this discussion, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I respect that, this is just some facts and a little of how I feel about the discussion. This thread was not made to start a war about if one option is better or favored over another, just throwing out some useful facts and info about each side of the fence. Every player has their choice on how to pay for the game, it all depends on how you want to play it that is all. Each side has its pros and cons and it depends on your style of play and your longevity of playing the game. Each player has a different opinion on this matter, what it comes down to is what fits your play style best not who gets what and who doesnt. We all get what we pay for.
Hope this helps some people in seeing which route is best for them.

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