8/8/09- Misc.

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Today, some Central members and I decided to duel against each other, which my team lost. It wasn't a close duel, but we still had fun. When we were done, Blake asked if I wanted to duel, it was me vs. his death wizard, Blake won. After that, I dueled his storm, again, I lost. Third time around, I dueled his fire wizard. Guess who won? Blake :P. Today was a good day, I only spent time on the computer though, but I guess real life can wait ;). Today ended with me letting my pet lizard (named Blenda) out to play, which was good, tomorrow is the second week I've had it, and that's the longest I've ever had a pet, the shortest amount of time I've had a pet was one day, I had two rabbits, which ran away that night.

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  1. Olivia's Avatar
    Poor Aaron it just wasn't your day for dueling.

    Growing up I had a rabbit and one day someone let him go which looking back now I'm glad they did. Bunnies should be free and not in a cage. A lizard? Very cool.
  2. Aaron's Avatar
    I am usually just terrible at dueling, I can't seem to recall any time I've actually qon more than one in a row LOL. I agree about the rabbit thing, I think the only downside was that we had carrot juice left over when they ran away, and it tastes terrible, which ended up being trashed because of that reason. My lizard, sadly died not that long ago, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it rarely ate, and the milliworms were already starting to turn to beetles.
    Updated 8-16-09 at 1:34:34 AM by Aaron (typo)