I need a change.

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I need a haircut. So bad since my hair is so long that it could touch my shorts, even people keep telling me, "Woah your hair grew long is that natural hair?" Since my hair is to long it doesn't have that style anymore and that style I use to have, LOTS of people copied and i'm not exaggerating but lots of them have my hairstyle and started dying hair like I use to do but I re-dyed my hair back since its getting old and i'm growing up more and I wont look so much of a model with pink hair :3, so probably I would get a haircut before my mom leaves for her home country to visit.

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Updated 4-23-12 at 11:07:13 PM by XxxDestinyxxX



  1. Mamaba0512's Avatar
    shoulder length is back. so is like to inches below the back (or a little more). You should donate your hair to like lox 4 love or something like that.
  2. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    I should o: thats a great idea, I never donated hair before.