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2,000th Post

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Hi everyone I am proud & happy to say that this is my 2,000th post here on Wizard101 Central!

I wanted to send a big shout out to all you members who make this community such a friendly, happy, and peaceful place to be a part of!

I have only been a part of the community for 6 months or so but it feels like its been forever since I used to hard core lurk w101 central since 2008 even before I was a member here hehe.

I am so amazed at how kind hearted and helpful everyone is here.
You just ask for help and you get it, want to hatch a pet you got it!
Its such an amazing community and I could not be more greatful to be a part of it.

My passion here is Card Trading & making cool contests that gets everyone excited!
I am happy to say I will be bringing good card deals and awesome and fun contests to this community in the future.

Thank you so much and I can't wait to begin all the cool events I plan to crate in the future
Thanks for everything guys

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