8/7/09- Dueling, Housing, +Misc.

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I just started trying to duel on my new life wizard (level 8), with my "dueling buddy" Elemental Splash on his new myth character, first duel, we won, which was mostly luck, and a pretty close match, second one, we lost pretty fast. I'm think I should gain a few level before I continue (I can't buy a bigger deck yet, which could be part of the problem), but it's still fun. I'm looking for some new friends on my new wizard, since I only have one active friend to talk to, and I very much enjoy talking. Also, I've been working on my house, trying to make it a lot better, on my wizard Reed Head, right now the theme is a restaurant, which is going pretty well, except now, I'm broke :pinch:. I'm halfway done though, so I just need to keep on questing so I can afford some more tables :). Other than that my house is starting to look better than before (before it was just a dump). That's about all for today, nothing new, or interesting, which I apologize about.

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    Go us! LOL
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    lol check out my blogs lol jk