Pet Collection

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* Means is at least adult and ready to hatch
If it is highlighted this color I have it
If it is this color want it but unfortunately cannot hatch one
Going to put this ~ next to it if its a max stats pet

~ note~ if I post for a pet and your level 48 and below I will not hatch any level 48, 58, and 68 pets with you and there hybrids. They should be earned, I am leveling all my wiz so I can get them that way myself.
Alert Hound *
Amaranthine Hound
Amber Shenlong Dragon *
Amethyst Hound *
Aqua Dragon *
Arctic Cat *
Arctic Elf
Arctic Ninja Pig *
Arctic Serpent *
Armor Dragon
Armored Skeleton *
Ash Spider
Assailing Dragon *
Attentive Hound
Azure Dragon *

A Hybrids
Archfiend *
Arctic Triton
Astral Judge *

Babydactyl *
Battle Pig *
Black Cat *
Black Spider *
Blast Collosus
Blaze Beast
Blizzard Cat *
Blizzard Elf *
Bloodbat *
Blossom Pixie *
~Blue Banshee *~
Blue Cat Thug
Blue Cyclops *
Blue Dragon
Blue Ghost *
Blue Spider
Boar Knight *
Bold Dragon
Bolt Colossus *
Bolt Demon *
Bone Dragon
Boss Banshee *
Brass Golem *
Brave Hound
Brave Piggle
Bronze Helephant *
Brown Rat Magician
Brown Spider *
Brute Piggle
Buddy Dragon
Burlap Boy *
Burning Pixie *

B Hybrids
Basilisk *
Buddy Dragon (hybrid)

Careful Hound
Carnation Pixie *
Cat Thug
Cautious Hound *
Cerise Pixie *
Cerulean Dragon
Charming Minstrel
Cherry Piggle
Chimera *
Christmas Elf *
Clockwork Golem
Cloud Demon
Crabling *
Crimson Spectre *
Crimsonzilla *
Crystal Spider *
Cupig *

C Hybrids
Cerberus *
Cloud Beast *
Crop Watcher *
Cyclone Basilisk

Damp Demon *
Danger Hound Sadly Cannot get
Daring Dragon
Dark Crow *
Dark Imp
Dark Sprite *
Dastardly Magician
Death Bat *
Death Cyclops
Death Leprechaun *
Death Ninja Pig
Death Scarab
Death Treant *
Death Troll *
Deer Knight
Defender Pig
Desert Beast *
Dire Ghoul
Diseased Wildclaw
Dragon *
Dread Grimoire *
Dream Ghoul

D Hybrids
Dark Reaver
Darkwalker *
Deadly Nightwalker
Death Oni
Desert Basilisk
Desert Gnome
Desert Mammoth

Earth Walker
Elemental Foo Dog *
Emerald Cyclops *
EmberStone Tiger *
Evil Sandman *
Evil Snowman *
Eyebendito *
Eyecaramba *
Eyediache *

E Hybrids
Earth Elemental

Fog Unicorn (sadly cannot get)
Fang Bat
Fiendish Foo Dog *
Fierce Hound *
Fine Wood Golem
Fire Beetle *
Fire Salamander
Fire Serpent *
Fire Snowman
Firecat *
Firewing *
Flamezilla *
Forest Beast *
Forest Cyclops
Forest Lord *
Friendly Dragon (sadly cannot get)
Frigid Elf
Frilled Lizard *
Frost Beetle *
Frost Cat
Frostman *
Frosty Fish
Frozen Cat
Fuchsia Pixie
Fun Dragon *
Funky Piggle

F Hybrids
Fiery Judge *
Fire Beetle (hybrid)
Fire Gnome
Fire Wyvern *
Firebat (hybrid)
Flame Toad
Forest Basilisk
Forest Crawler
Forest Oni
Fragmented Dragon *
Frontier Dragon
Frost Hound
Frostcaller *
Forstlord *

Gamer Piggle
Ghost Dragon *
Ghost Hound *
Ghoul *
Giraffe *
Glacial Elf
Glacier Cat
Gnome *
Goat Monk *
Gob-o-Lantern *
Golden Armored Skeleton *
Golden Piggle *
Greater Imp *
Green Cat Thug *
Green Ghost
Grim Scarab
Grumpy Snowman
Guardian Dragon
Guardian Foo Dog *

D Hybrids
Ghast *
Ghost Dragon (hybrid)
Ghost Hound (hybrid)
Glacier Dragon
Gloom Toad
Goat Monk (hybrid)
Graveyard Gnome
Grim Scarab (hybrid)
Grimzilla *
Grove Unicorn *

Happy Piggle
Heckhound *
Helpful Wildclaw
Hero Pig
Hollow Knight *
Hotzilla *
Hulking Cyclops
Humongofrog *
Hydra *

H Hybrids

Ianthine Hound *
Ianthine Spectre *
Ice Bird *
Ice Cat
Ice Colossus *
Ice Elf *
Ice Salamander
Ice Wyvern *
Ice Bat *
Imp *
Imperial Foo Dog *
Indigo Dragon
Inferno Cat *
Inferno Salamander *
Ivory Shenlong Dragon *

I Hybrids
Ice Hound *
Ice Kraken
Ice Oni *
Infernal Chimera
Inferno Beast
Inferno Colossus *
Inferno Hound

Jade Oni *
Jade Shenlong Dragon *
Jellyfish *
Jolly Piggle
Jovial Piggle
Judgement *

J Hybrids
Jade Hound *

Kraken *
Kroc *
Krockomummy *

Lady Bug *
Lava Spider *
Lavender Foo Dog *
Leaf Foot *
Leopard *
Leprechaun *
Life Banshee
Life Cyclops
Life Ghoul *
~Life Minotaur *~
Life Scarab *
Life Troll *
Life Bat *
Lightning Bat *
Lucky Leprechaun *
Lump of Coal

L Hybrids
Lifezilla *

Magenta Hound
Magical Dragon *
Magma Colossus *
Magma Spider
Mammoth *
Meow Wing
Midnight Sprite
Minotaur *
Mischievious Minstrel
Mulberry Hound *
Muscled Cat *
Mustard Troll
Myth Banshee *
Myth Ghoul
Myth Imp *
Myth Leprechaun *
Myth Sprite *
Mythic Beast
Mythical Basilisk

M Hybrids
Maelstrom Oni
Magma Dragon
Mist Triton *
Mythzilla *

Nice Dragon
Night Hawk *
~Nightmare *~
Nimble Piggle
Ninja Pig

N Hybrids
Nightmare (hybrid)
Nightwalker *

Oynx Shenlong Dragon *
Orthrus *

O Hybrids
Oblivion Chimera

Pale Maiden *
Patriotic Leprechaun *
Penumbra Drake
Perfect Piggle
Periwinkle Hound *
Pet Egg *
Pet Rock *
Piggle *
Pink Jellyfish *
Pink Pixie
Pioneer Dragon (sadly cannot get)
Pixie Queen 29 *
Pixie Queen 57 *
Plague Ninja
~Polar Cat *~
Polar Elf
Power Dragon
Power Pig
Power Piggle
Power Porker
Premier Porker *
Primal Wildclaw
Prime Piggle *
Prudent Hound

P Hybrids
Pet Egg (hybrid)
Plague Oni
Plains Mammoth

Quirky Piggle
Queen Spider *
Quick Piggle *

Rain Colossus
Rain Demon *
Ram Warrior
Rat Magician *
Red Banshee*
Red Cap
Red Ghost *
Red Gobbler
Revered Dragon
Rose Pixie
Roseate Pixie
Rowdy Wildclaw
Royal Dragon
Ruby shenlong Dragon *

R Hybrids
Rain Beetle *
Rain Gnome
Reaver *
Red Ghost (hybrid) *

Safety Hound
Samoorai *
Satyr *
Savage Wildclaw
Scarecrow *
Scout Pig
Sea Dragon *
Sea Turtle *
Seraph *
Shadow Beast
Shaolin Monkey
Shardtail Dragon (sadly cannot get)
Sheep (cannot get but will keep on list to dream about lol)
Shock Colossus
Shock Demon
Silver Colossus
Silverback Wildclaw
Skeletal Knight *
Skeletal Warrior *
Skink *
Skyscream Demon *
Sly Piggle
Smarty Piggle
Smith *
Snake in a Basket *
Sneaky Piggle *
Snow Serpent *
Snow-Covered Elf
Snowball *
Snowy Cat *
Spark Beast
Spark Colossus
Spider Golem *
Spinyfish *
Spirit of Nature *
Spiritual Dragon
Sporty Dragon
Starfish *
Stegosaurus *
Stone Colossus *
Storm Beetle
Storm Bird *
Storm Cat *
Storm Colossus
Storm Demon
Storm Elf *
Storm Hound *
~Storm Salamander *~
Storm Serpent *
Storm Snowman
Stormbat *
Stormzilla *
Strange Beast *
Stray Piggle *
Striped Boar *
Sturdy Dragon
Sturdy Wildclaw *
Summer Dragon
Sun Bird *
Sunfire Foo Dog *
Supportive Wildclaw *
Swift Piggle

S Hybrids
Shadow Pheonix *
Storm-dancer *

Tailstorm Pantera
Talented Piggle
~Therizinosaurus *~
Thunder Colossus *
Timber Cyclops
Tough Piggle
Tough Troll *
Toy Dragon
Treant *
~Tricky Dragon *~
Tricky Wildclaw
Troll *
Trolling Stone *

T Hybrids
Tempest *
Tempest Chimera
Tempest Hound *
Thunderbird *
Topaz Kraken
Tundra Basilisk
Tundra Warden

Utility Dragon *
Unicorn *

Valentine Pig *
Velociraptor *
Vigilant Dragon *
Violet Hound
Viridian Cyclops

V Hybrids
Void Basilisk

War Pig
Watchful Hound
Wayward Minstrel
Weasel Minstrel
White Rat Magician
Wildfire Treant
Wildwood Cyclops
Wintry White Owl
Wintry Elf *
Witty Wildclaw
Watchful Hound
Wolfhound *
Wood Golem *
Wraith *

W Hybrids
War Oni
Wendigo *
Woodland Haunter

Yellow Elf *
Yellow Ghost *
Yuletide Spirit *

Zebra Piggle
~Zombie *~
Zombie Piggle *

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Updated 4-8-13 at 11:50:01 AM by *Erin*



  1. *Erin*'s Avatar
    Need to switch accounts to find the rest of the pets, will update as soon as I locate them all
    Updated 2-9-12 at 6:11:36 PM by *Erin*
  2. *Erin*'s Avatar
    wow got a ton of pets left to collect
    Updated 2-9-12 at 6:50:38 PM by *Erin*
  3. Prince of Shadows's Avatar
    Nice! Looks like you are doing well. You may know, but in case others don't - you can't hatch a friendly dragon, pioneer dragon, shardtail dragon, or sheep.

    I have an Elemental Foo Dog, green ghost, red ghost hybrid, dire ghoul, fronteer dragon, talented piggle, kraken, stormzilla, storm snowman, dark sprite, damp demon, rain beatle, clockwork golum, astral judge, and maybe some others you are looking for. I'm pretty booked with hatches right now (and slammed with school) but I'll be glad to help as time permits. My friend Frostwind has blue ghost, ghost dragon hybrid, and I think some more on your list. I'll let her know as well.

    Best of luck!
  4. Prince of Shadows's Avatar
    Oh yes, one can't hatch a Fog Unicorn either.
  5. *Erin*'s Avatar
    k thanks that stinks knew I could not get sheep not the others. Ty for info and as soon as I stock up on gold again will ask to hatch. Still trying to train all the other pets just in case someone wants them in return for a hatch.
  6. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    have a look in my albums i have some pets at adult ancient and sadly no epics but working on them lol and teens but i can do mirror lake when i get my crowns hopefully today or tomorrow lol sry if i talk a lot but we might have to do some hatches i'm afraid. in my head i was like dang girl you got a lot of pets that i dont have lol so we will have to do lots of hatches lol
  7. *Erin*'s Avatar
    lol awesome want all the pets I can get was hatching with Chico and Logan for awhile for pets. We were doing 10 hatches every weekend so trust can keep pace with hatches.
  8. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    ok so what are you saying? lol i cant read the dark stuff
  9. *Erin*'s Avatar
    Once this is all updated with pets have to go back and check what is adult and what isn't know I got more of these adult then are checked right now.
  10. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    ok i think i have some pets that you dont have lolpm if ou want to hatch a look in my album
  11. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    ok i looked at all the pets that i have and the ones you dont have

    so here they are:

    blue banshee
    buddy dragon idk if its a hybrid or not lol
    death cyclops
    death troll
    dream ghoul
    fire salamander
    fire serpent
    fire walker
    forest oni
    inferno beat
    night hawk
    rian colossus
    shock colossus
    spark colossus?
    storm colossus
    talented piggle
    thunder colossus?
    tundra basilisk

    hope this helped some are adult
  12. *Erin*'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by turbo1080
    ok i looked at all the pets that i have and the ones you dont have

    so here they are:

    blue banshee
    buddy dragon idk if its a hybrid or not lol
    death cyclops
    death troll
    dream ghoul
    fire salamander
    fire serpent
    fire walker
    forest oni
    inferno beat
    night hawk
    rian colossus
    shock colossus
    spark colossus?
    storm colossus
    talented piggle
    thunder colossus?
    tundra basilisk

    hope this helped some are adult

    I have some of those you have on your list: night hawk, fire salamander, and blue banshee.
    Right now not hatching mother is in hospital but will leave you a message when I am available again
  13. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    ok thx will get them trained up to adult
  14. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    add red gobbler to my list
  15. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    add wildfire treeant to my list lol, and taoddle
  16. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    add Tempest Chimera also lol
  17. Ethan AshRider's Avatar
    i got these pets lol Inferno HoundMustard Troll War Oni