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I will be away...

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Sad NEWS everyone, Everyone who Knows me anyway.

:surprised:I have let my subscription end until the end of September, saving the money for Hallowe'en 09, Nothing really happening right now. I hope this year's is as kool as last year's. I pray that I can get my Black Cat Back. I miss her so much...

Anyways I will only be in Wizard City I have all Areas Unlocked there. So I will see you if I see you LOL.

And I will most likely be helping at new players, or I will start a new wizard.

:byebye:Have a great Weekend, and an Wonderful Month.

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  1. TwilightCrystalz's Avatar
    Awww, at least you're coming back lol xD
    & its good that yer helping new wizards :]

    Also, I love the background! :] Totally fits your username and style~