The Adventures of Samuel Ashhorn


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OK so this week, I have been trying to get a Magenta Hound, like so many others on w101. I have been hatching with Laminrk, who is very nice to keep hatching with me (since I keep failing. Boo.). I'm sure eventually the purple puppy will be mine, and you can count on seeing a mixing thread from me when it is finally in my possession. In other news, I also hatched to get an Astral Judge. That failed too, and I ended up with a Crop Watcher (double boo), although scarletemeraldweaver was nice to offer to try to hatch again. However, all my sadness cleared up when my new Leopard got spritely (Yippie :D). The next step is to try to get it Unicorn, which i'm sure will also take some time, but definitely worth it. I STILL haven't finished Zafaria, although I am a transcended theurgist (which is why I halted for a period of time). I finally collected the spoon from the Blackbacks, although I asked Umlilo why I couldn't just borrow one from Inyanga. My death wizard is level 65, so close to Dr. Von's Monster, yet so far away. The staff quest in the Savannah definitely needs either A) Quest reduction, B) More places to fight those lions, or C) To make the Fire Lionesses count. Well that's all for this week. See you on the next blog entry, and remember, even if you're hatch fails, you might end up with a good talent later.

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