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A new nightmare...

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OK so this week, Zafaria came out. At first I thought it was AWESOME! I'm not going to explain my opinion until later in the entry though. I was on the Test Realm non-stop, so I had Zafaria done in 3-4 days. I got my Gnomes! They are so funny, yet so deadly at the same time. A lifeblade, an amplify, and a garg got me 3000 damage on those elephant shamans (who deserved it). I also finally got my Pet Rock (in live, obviously), several thanks to DODO7781, who hatched with me not once, not twice, but THREE times to help me get it. Pierce train as the first talent. But anyways, Zafaria was definitely easy in some places, and quite annoying and/or challenging in others. The major things I would recommend looking out for are the Jackal Bandits (Can use scarecrow... YIKES), the Longdreamer Shamans (Longest natural attack EVER!), the Greyhorn Mercenaries (I haven't had one battle with them where I or my friend Blaze did not receive a stun, if not both of us...), and the Gorillas, both Blackback Soldiers (Life) and Gorilla Spider Witches (Myth) (They can use Forest Lord and Medusa... that was a HUGE pain). The new spells were definitely worth it. Blaze and I both named our spells. My Gnomes were the Jayden Army, and Blaze's sirens were America's Next Top Models, Angelina (Blond), Ariel (Redhead), and Aliana (Brunette). The Jayden army seemed to love doing fire damage randomly, and America's Next Top Models seemed to have a thing for delayed damage. The new astral spells are incredible, although I wouldn't recommend training Berserk unless you are either an Ice, or confident in your ability to take hits. Mend is very useful for life or anything with a Life Mastery. The sun obelisk has problems letting us see it's spells... but the new sun spells are awesome anyway (it let me see the first time). That pretty much wraps up what happened this week. See you on the next blog entry, and remember, in Zafaria, you apparently have 5x the chance to fizzle (not really, but it sure felt that way) :).

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