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Test Realm/ New Spells Inputs.

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K I Leveled my Death to 70 On Test Realm Took me a Hole 8 Hours But it was Fairly Easy, All I did to Reduce the Amount Of Time from the Normal 2 Days to 8 Hours was Instead of Buying with my 25000 Crowns Mounts, and Gear I Spent Every Hour on 1 Critical Potion, And During Boss Fights Spent Another To Boost my Attacks.

It Felt Fairly Easy, to Level Here Compared to Celestia the Monsters Just Had Higher Life But it might have been my Full Waterworks Gear and Health Boost Plus my Good Pet that made it Feel that way.

Now Onto the Spells I Have seen All the Affects to the Spells and Have Read Over Many Posts On Responses Instead Of But in and Toss in Opinions I Read and Read and Read To Understand Others Feelings on the Subject and Each Spell.

My Final Outcome of Each Spell is Below.

All are Rank 9.
Storm, Sirens All of enemies, Stun, 2 -50 Mantles, Pacify All Team.
Fire, Rain of Fire 300+800 Over 3 Rounds All enemies.
Ice, Wooly Mammoth 800-900 Stun 1 Enemy.
Life, Gnomest 780-880 2 Life Dispels 1 Enemy.
Myth, Basilisk 325+825 Stun 1 Enemy.
Death, Katzenstein's Monster 825 Half to Health 1 Enemy.
Balance, Chimera 310 Life, Death, Myth 1 Enemy.

Storm: Is Good, If they Choose to Change it, Take One Mantle Off Keep Everything Else.

Fire: Is Good, If they Want to Add Something Maybe a -10 to -20 Smokescreen.

Ice: I Like It, Could Be 2 Stuns Instead of One Like Medusa.

Life: I Like It, The Depth of Damage is Good and the Dispels are Good to Block Healing Giving Life more Depth in Player Vs. Player.

Myth: I Like It, Seems a Good Overall Spell.

Death: Is Decent Death Overall Got The Weakest Spell in this Update It's a Good Hit Spell With 825, It Cannot get to Over 1000 on the Card Via Boost It Reaches with 275/2 962 Yes That's Split in Half Via the Outcome of the Half split for Health Steal, In-All KM Could Use a -90 Infection On Enemy Effect.

Balance: Is Decent 310*3 930 Split Col. 275/3 Which Cannot be added Yet, in Test 401*3 1205 The Outcome is It Could have a Small After Affect Like X3 Hex To Enemy, or 2 -50 to Enemy.

That's My Thoughts on the New Spells In-All, I've Also Looked Over and Calcualted, the Changes I made Using Siren as the Objective None Would By Pass Siren But Would Be on Equal Terms Making the Schools All Equal Yet Again.

I've Also Read Over 1000 Posts On the Subject, and This is My Final Outcome So I've Used Players Inputs to come to the Changes I've Made.

Outcome of Pet Feeding.

Pet Feeding Seems to Need a Small Boost Change to Add Ons Or No One Will Use It Works But Rarely Will It Ever Give Anything Good to you Including Xp for Your Pet It's Better At the Moment to Sell and Buy Decent Snacks and Raise your Pet Using the Minigames.

That's my Outcome of the Test Realm and the New Updates Including the Spells That're Rank 9.

Master Of Wraiths.

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Updated 11-7-11 at 1:58:57 AM by Master Of Wraiths (Accidently Wrote 60 instead of 70 LOL Need to Type Slower, I Guess.)



  1. Master Of Wraiths's Avatar
    Change has Been Made to 3 Of the Following Spells.

    Chimera 340, Life, Death, Myth 1 Enemy.

    Katz Monster Name Change, Dr. Vons Monster
    820 Half to Health -25 Infection 1 Enemy.

    Sirens 880 Removes 2 Blades 1 -50 Black Mantle and Pacify to Team.

    I've Also Learned It's Very Hard to Read the siren Spell At 1st People Thought it was a Dispel, Then a Stun, Now Everyone Knows for a Fact it's Remove to Blades.

    I Would Very Much Like to See the Style Changed so It's Easier to Read for Everyone.

    I Also Believe Dr. Vons Monster Infection Should be at least -50%
  2. Master Of Wraiths's Avatar
    After Reading Over allot of Questions About Rain Of Fire and the Damage Output and Even Putting in a Little Input on how To Stop the Spell.

    In my Opinion There's Just so many That Think it's Overpowered in Strength So I Wanted to Put This Solutions out there.

    Rain Of Fire.
    100+800 Over 3 Rounds -25 Smokescreen All Enemys.
    50+800 Over 3 Rounds -45 Smokescreen All Enemys.

    The Damage Calculation has Been Brought Down By Over 200 In the intial Hit But the Added Effect would Cancel It Out Still Making Everyone Happy.