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What a Nightmare

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OK so this week, the newest pack, The Nightmare Pack, came out. I spent all my crowns on it, to no avail (mountwise). If you'd like to make me feel better, please call our PM hotline, [URL=""]PM-Sam-To-Gift-Nightmare-Packs-To-Make-Sam-Feel-Better[/URL]. In other news, two new bundles have come out, and a lot of my friends have them which, in turn, makes me want the new bundles. Sadly, I have no money with which to buy the new bundles. Anyway, the list of gear that I DID happen to get from the Nightmare Pack is as follows: Darkwraith's Compelling Scythe, Darkwraith's Compelling Cowl, Darkwraith's Cowl of Penance, Darkwraith's Umbral Cowl, Darkwraith's Compelling Boots, Golden Armored Skeleton Pet, Death Treant Pet, Dark Imp Pet, Myth Banshee Pet, Ghost Dragon Pet, A ton of treasure cards, A ton of furniture items I don't feel like listing, and more pets and items that I probably missed. Well, I would advise everybody to take a ride on the Giant Hornocerous Mount, it is extremely fun. Also, check out the sun palace house. See you on the next blog entry, and remember, a giant gorilla can be friendly and give you sunstones. :)
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  1. ~Frostbite~'s Avatar
    I called the # but it didn't work! O: lolz need another hug? And surprisingly I wasn't mentioned in this post.. hehe
  2. Eevee918's Avatar
    well I posted a picture. XD. Also, it's not a number it's a LINK XD
  3. Domo's Avatar
    No monay? Not to mean but I have like 200 bucks..... if I get the bundle I can let you see it or let you ride the 2 passenger mount if it makes ya feel better lolz. Well good luck finding 40 bucks....