The Adventures of Samuel Ashhorn

Pets, pets, pets!

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OK so sorry I couldn't post on Sunday, I had a Cable/Internet/Phone outage. This week has been all about pets, farming the bazaar for Golden Star Fruits, hatching, the like. My most recent project that I have been working on was getting Cloud O Bugs on my boar knight, but that talent does NOT like me (But it has an incredible affection for ~Frostbite~ though...). Well, sometime this week I am hatching for a Pet Rock. I am trying to get this pet rock both Spritely and Unicorn. I did get a pet egg, and I have to say it turned out well. First talent was MC Tower, and I anxiously await the next talent. I am also getting a Super Bundle gift card soon, provided my local Gamestops haven't run out yet. Well, that's all of this half-week's news (which is why this entry is cut in half). See you on the next blog entry, and remember, Pet Eggs are surprisingly good break dancers (Pet Training Games only). :)

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