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So yesterday, I was called in by my friend Destiny Jade to do the Tower of the Helephant. I graciously accepted Destiny's offer, as I was looking for the rare Lexicon Blade and Aureate Band. When we got into the Tower, we had a fairly flawless system. I had stocked up on fire and storm dispels, although I didn't need them because Destiny and her friend Rachel (Storm and Fire, respectively), had the dispels under control. After we'd finished the first floor, we went back in. We did the first floor three times over. Although, the first time in, I noticed Rachel's blaze beetle pet (if that's what it's called), vigorously jumping up and down casting sprites and feints everywhere (spritely and feinting spell). I began to wonder where I could find a Life Scarab. Destiny generously looked it up for me, and after doing three runs of the first floor and getting nothing but junk, Destiny and I were on our way to the Shirataki Temple to duel with the Plague Oni. On our first time through, I told the Plague Oni that if it gave me a Life Scarab I could say that Destiny would make it's death quick. Destiny laughed. The first time through, I got a "Zippy Tunic". The second time through I got an Ice wand. I told Destiny: "We're getting closer, at least it's not a Zippy Tunic.", triggering a laugh. On the third time through, I finally got my Life Scarab. After giving Destiny and her friend Hunter a quick tour of my house, I wrapped up my evening. See you on the next blog entry, and remember, cloaked blades don't fool Taurus the Clever. :)

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  1. ~Frostbite~'s Avatar
    I want a Life scarab... >.<
  2. Allerielle's Avatar
    Congratulations on the pet drop! Sorry you didnt get what you were looking for from the Tower. And I wish you luck on getting the talents you want from your new pet.