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A Year Older

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I started typing a whole blog about personal stuff, which I never do. Then I decided it was far too revealing about my life. So I'll try for a humorous bit instead.

After having my daughter 5 months ago, she made my hair fall out in rather alarmingly large quantities. This is a fairly common, yet rarely discussed side effect of bearing a child. If I'd known that my hair was going to jump ship when she exited, I might have reconsidered.

As it is, while my hair is still rather nice and it's own color I have noticed a few silver threads mixed in with the rest. My infant daughter has taken it upon herself to remove what's left of the hair on my head, and doesnt even have the decency to go for the grays.

I think I'm supposed to be a year older and a year wiser, if I'm quoting that right, but I havent had any time to reflect on the new aches and pains that have accumulated this last year. And I certainly wouldn't be able to remember any bits of wisdom even if they were to introduce themselves to me.

So, Happy Birthday to me, a very tired but happy mother of one plus two cats, and engaged to a wonderful man. I'm very blessed indeed.

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  1. Jas's Avatar
    Happy birthday!
  2. msbrown's Avatar
    Happy Birthday, to you and your daughter! And, blessings upon all!