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Dysfunctional Learning

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Leveling Esmee has taught me so much about this game. It's kind of funny, some of it has been reminders from boss battles fought a year ago, but a lot of it is learning fundamental rules about the game. Things that one would think, with a Legendary Wizard already in the bank that I would already know. But as I've been working on Esmee, I have realized that there is much about the mechanics that was missing in my lessons on Fiona.

The first lesson Esmee learned was that she needed to cast the Prism at the very first opportunity, preferably the first round. Having never needed a Prism on Fiona, I only had a basic understanding of what they do. The second lesson Esmee learned was that she really likes using a Death Wand. On Fiona, if she used her wand to break a shield/Weakness etc, all of her buffs were used in one fell swoop. With Esmee this small thing makes a big difference in duels around the Spiral. The only time Esmee uses a Life wand is in fights with only Death foes.

The final difference, and by far the hardest to overcome for me as a player is that Esmee has a cap on her damage. Fiona hasnt had a cap on her damage since she got the Lady J in Marleybone. She's had the Judge for so long now that I've forgotten what a damage cap is. It's been interesting to get just the right amount of cards in my deck and no more. I finally buckled and bought Esmee a Reshuffle after a few attempts at Yakedo in Crimson Fields. He didnt defeat Esmee, she just ran out of cards. This was quite baffling for me, as Fiona can dish out ludicrous amounts of damage with just two Judges in her deck. And on that same vein, since Reshuffle is Balance, Fiona can shuffle her cards in just two rounds, where Esmee has to wait 4 total rounds. So even though she now has a Reshuffle card permanently affixed to the corner of her deck, she doesnt want to use it if possible. This, of course, is sometimes impossible to get around.

Even with all of this learning business going on, Esmee has managed to move forward quite quickly. So quickly, in fact that Esmee has said her goodbyes to the good people of Jade Palace. The cows and steers were quite nice, but she herself is (and pardon the pun) headed for greener pastures. I was on the fence about where to go next. Esmee is level 44 but has not completed Pigswick or really started Grizzleheim. I would like to complete Pigswick as I have not yet in its entirety on any of my characters but prudence tells me I should go juggle bears and ravens or else I'll never get to Wintertusk. I also must complete parts of Dragonspyre to move forward in Celestia and as quickly as Esmee is leveling I know I'll be ready for Celestia long before Celestia is ready for her.

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  1. adiw's Avatar
    The only time Esmee uses a Life wand is in fights with only Death foes.
    Death enemies never use Life Shield in case that's the reason why you have a Life wand. They do cast Weakness a lot, though, which is a reason to use a Death wand.