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My heart is beating notes today :3

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Hey you guys, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.
Hope you guys gave to time remember those who perished for our lifes on 9|11.
My Heart goes out to their families

On a brighter note, I have another song for you guys to check out and honestly, i'm diggin' this one XD.

If you guys know Travis McCoy, who also made the song billionaire, his group 'Gym Class Heros' teamed up with the lead singer of Maroon5, Adam Levine, To make a wonderful pop song called 'Stereo Love'.

This song is an amazing mix of RnB, Pop, and Rap, So i think you guys will really enjoy this song

Stereo Love by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine:
Fun fact for you, If you guys already know this song and all about their group, The band members, Travis McCoy and Matt Mcinley, met in their 9th grade gym class, and then later in high school to name a hip hop band after their meeting.
Just to let you guys know .....

Anyways, amazing song, you should really check it out.
I'm a big fan of train, so I really like this song :3.

Hope to see you again 2marrow for another Dose of Music


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