The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard

Meet the Wizards

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As my blog is couched in between Bieber Believers, the PVP elite, and Twilight Fans, I do try to stand out. It's kind of hard to be relevant here as I am a. Out of high school, b. Have a small child at home and c. Am strictly a PvE player. I can give odes to dirty diapers, can tell you how many pips I need for Judgement to one-shot a mob, and have the Maze in the Pet Pavilion memorized. Are any of those things interesting? It's okay, you can say "No."

I saw this posted on another blog and liked the idea so much I decided to post it here. So, meet the Wizards.

Meet Fiona. My first Wizard, completed by doing the personality test immediately after downloading the game. If you read my blog from last year, you may remember that I didnt realize there were different main types of schools. I thought that the Balance symbol had to do with my zodiac sign (Libra). My, my, we have come a long way, haven't we? Also, you see why I was pitching such a fit about the clothes, yes?

Meet Morgan, my Necromancer. She was the second character I ever created. I did so in a huff, because the personality test obviously got it wrong. Hmmm, a bit of irony can be found there, if one looks for it. I have high hopes for her, someday achieving what Malistaire Drake so badly failed at. Alas, for now she's plotting the downfall of Ambrose and all of the Spiral in her dorm room.

This is Rowan, my Myth girl. I saw a Myth Wizard doing his thing out on Colossus Boulevard and was so monumentally impressed that I immediately logged Morgan out and made Rowan, here. It also worked out because I created her to play with my fiance, who was just starting out himself at the time. Around the time we started working on Krokotopia, I found these forums and posts from winicott and MLHagan and decided that yes, I liked playing Fiona after all. Now, my interest in playing Rowan has been tweaked again. You may have already guessed, but yes, it was because I saw the Medusa spell in action. Sha-zam!

Last, but certainly not least we have Esmee. I rerolled her 3 times before I was finally happy with her name and hairstyle. You may doubt me, but a good haircut is absolutely essential to healing. You might think it has something to do with the fizzle rate, or Guiding Light but I say no. It's definitely the style with which one sports one's tresses. Esmee has been getting all of my attention these days, with the exception of some farming on Fiona or leveling Lulu. I love love love Life Wizards. I love them even more now that they get the angry Chewbacca spell. I have been working my way through Krokotopia this weekend, and now that I have Lifeblade (why, oh why, does it take such a miserably long time to get such a much needed spell?) I expect to keep moving along at a nice pace. **An Edit: I just realized that Ice Wizards dont get their Blade until Mooshu. Reason # 9784614 not to roll an Ice Wizard. No offense to any of you out there.**

If you see me around the Spiral, feel free to compliment my amazingness and pay tribute with uber treasure cards.

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