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Please Be a Bit More Careful

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As I was going through 'New Posts' over the last few days, I've seen a lot of threads about people asking personal info/saying innapropriate stuff and I though I should probably say what I'm about to say. For almost 30 years, my grandfather worked for the homicide division of the police department in a big city. A lot of his friends are still on the force, so during our fishing trips they sometimes talk about recent cases. More and more times these cases involve something happening online to set off the timeline of events. Peaople, BE CAREFUL. I would hate for that to happen to anyone on here. That's right, it can happen in a game as simple as Wizard101, with little info. The following senerio is completely ficticious, but will show you what I mean.

James, a younger child, meets David in the Commons. David is a 56-year-old male posing as a younger child. They make friends and over the next few months having seemingly innocent converstaions. Here they are:

David: Were you in the recent earthquake?
John: No
David: Oh, good to hear. So what state do you live in?
John: Alaska
David: Must be cold, lol.

John: Ugh, school starts soon.
David: Mine does too. I'm going into 5th grade.
John: Hey, me too!

David: My brother is really annoying me today! Both of them!
John: I know what you mean, I have a younger sister.
David: Oh, what's the age difference?
John: 2 years, her name is Anna.

These conversations seem innocent enough, don't they? Just little bits and pieces of information here. Wrong. "David" has been slowly writing this all down and now he knows that John lives in Alaska, he's approximatly 11 years of age, and he has a sister named Anna that's about 9 years of age. Now, he can go to certain sites (I don't want this becoming a guide for creepers, so I'll leave out the type of site) and come up with a match, since chances are there's only one 11-year-old named John with a 9-year-old sister named Anna in Alaska. The record base will pull up a match and now "David" knows John's address, phone number, school name, and full name. This is VERY dangerous. Ok, to rap this up, I'm not trying to scare anyone. I'm just trying to say you need to be AWARE of what you let slip online at ALL times. I hope no one ever does this to any of you.
Please remember to be extra careful when playing a game, anything can happen!

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  1. Varus's Avatar
    We're allowed to say what state we are in on central o__o i dont see why that would be harmful as long as its not the city o. o but then again saying his other info is dangerous