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LP Chapter 11 Part One

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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][B]Here It Is! The Promised, First Chapter of my Comeback (: Enjoy![/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
[B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]Note, this is only Part One**[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]


[I][U][COLOR=red][FONT=Chiller][SIZE=5][B]Chapter 11[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/I]

[I][U][COLOR=red][FONT=Chiller][SIZE=5][B]Lenora’s Pendant Terri Nightshade Special (Part Two)[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/I]

[U][FONT=Showcard Gothic][SIZE=4][COLOR=lime][B]1000 Years Ago[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]The light, shimmering green shades of the trees above embraced the land’s youthfulness. The soil was fragile, appearing from the ground not long ago. The grass and ferns were still children, just born infantile vegetation. The air was fresh, un-tainted from the evils that would soon bestow upon Wizard City.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]The adolescent professor, who, in the very near future will have his own school and rule as Headmaster, wore a pained face, as he looked up to his own Professor, the Creator. The grand, ancient tree hid his aged face in the bark of his body. The professor winced; he couldn’t bear to see his master like this. His face, smooth and clear of wrinkles, was concealed with a veil of sympathy. Still, as mature as this professor was, he was still young, and with that, ignorant. He did not fully understand the pain his master was enduring, the deep responsibility his master faced every day. It was just harder today.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]The professor, whose spine was perfectly fine and whose hips were completely unharmed, leaped agilely towards Bartleby, resting his palm against the trunk that made up most of the Creator’s body. [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]“Oh, Merle, you do not understand. Sister Raven is highly disappointed in me. I was too careless.” Bartleby brought his face back into the bark, engulfed with shame.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]“No, Professor. Everyone makes mistakes, Professor,” Merle comforted. [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]“Nonsense, Merle. I am a leader, the Creator of the world you set your feet upon. I have duties as a Creator, I have responsibilities, yet I failed to hold onto any of them. There is no excuse for that. Look, young one, look at the air around us. It is infested with my aura, the aura that has brought, who knows how many, wizards limitless powers.” Bartleby’s eyes closed, and he let out a sigh that rocked the trees before him.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]The professor spun around, gazing at the space above him, below him, and keep in mind, that this same professor will be doing the same thing couple of hundreds of years later, absent mindedly staring at air. But no worries, all professors has the same trait. Indeed, there they were, tiny strands of powerful, strong aura. Merle had reached out to touch one, his fingers flowing gracefully through the cloud of aura. [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Handwriting][COLOR=white][B]“My failure has even brought effect upon you, my student. You are now indestructible. You are unable to die.”[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

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