Brian Icefist

Day 12

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Starting experience: 911 of 2,925 until level 15

Today has been my best day in a while. I'm not running into any trouble with people joining my battles in the Haunted Cave, and I'm getting a good 70-80 experience per fight. I doubt that I will level today, but I will definitely take a good chunk of the experience needed until level 15 away. Hopefully I'll level tomorrow.

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  1. Lady Light's Avatar
    Keep at it. We're rooting for you. And if you need a friend here or there...
  2. BritteanTheLoneWolf's Avatar
    its going to take a long time to lvl to 60. I hope you make it. and dont play just to get xp. have some fun while you do that
  3. Brian Icefist's Avatar
    Thanks you two.

    And Lady Light, want a TFC?