Brian Icefist

My Break Is Over

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Alright folks, my break is over and I'm back to leveling my Death wizard. If anyone would like to help me out that would be much appreciated and if so just comment below. Right now what I need in terms of help is lots, and lots of Storm Shield Treasure cards, I also will be needing someone to teleport me into Nightside soon to learn Pacify. If anyone can help with that, please post below. Thanks guys.

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  1. Xx_Mysteria_xX's Avatar
    I can help with both. I got lots of tc storm shields and will be willing to get you into nightside when you need it
  2. Brian Icefist's Avatar
    Alright, thanks. I'll need to get to Nightside sometime this week, and as for Storm TC's I can send you a TFC if you want to trade them that way (if you're even willing to) or we can just meet at somewhere in game.
  3. Xx_Mysteria_xX's Avatar
    either way is fine with me... and just let me know when you need in nightside...and I will supply you with the tc's as long as you need them....