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I'm thinking about starting to play wizard101 again, not hardcore like I used to, I don't really want to waste my money but I'd like to log in and see all the new updates since 2009. With that said, if anyone wants to share their friend codes (because I'm sure my list is empty by now), feel free to post them here. No guarantee that I will start playing again but I am thinking about it.

Also, I'm going to start working on my userpage again, hopefully I can come up with something I'll be happy with. :dance_for_joy: So many new techniques I've learned last month that I want to apply here.

Well... that's all for today. :bye:

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Updated 6-7-11 at 2:47:03 PM by Aaron



  1. adiw's Avatar
    You haven't played since '09? That would be hard for me.

    Also, there is a free preview of GH from Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town that you might want to see.
  2. Aaron's Avatar
    I was there for part of GH.

    I wasn't big on the game as time progressed though, I think after all this time I might enjoy it again, who knows.
  3. adiw's Avatar
    That happens to me with a lot of games. Play, have fun, get bored, take a break, play, have fun...
  4. Aaron's Avatar
    I've been playing Age of Mythology on and off since 2005. xD
    I know exactly what you mean, lol.