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Day 2

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Starting experience: 49 of 2,255 until level 13.
Ending experience: 799 of 2,255. Total of 750 experience gained today.

I didn't think that today was going to be one of my best days, in fact, I thought it would be a complete failure as I am very limited in the amount of time I can play on Wednesdays. However, browni123456 is healing for me while I fight Skullsplitter and so I'm getting 114 exp per fight. Thank you so much browni, you're turning today into a decent day were it otherwise would have been a failure. Picture of the experience below.

Also, thanks to carth333 for giving my 69 Storm Shield treasure cards. These will really help me while fighting Field Guards. Thanks a ton dude.

Because of the generosity of people here on Central, today has actually been pretty good. Thanks so much everyone, and I'll be level 15 by the end of this Saturday.

crath333: I cannot tell you how much those TC's have helped me out. I can now always finish my battles against Field Guards without having to cut them short. I normally got around 66-81 exp per fight. Now I get around 90 because of you. Thank you very much man. Screenshot of my experience below.

Wednesdays are my slow days. I don't think I'll ever get too much accomplished on them. Sadly, I will not level today. I am finishing up my last fight for the day as I type and when I finish I'll post my total experience for the day at the top of this post.

It's really too bad that I couldn't level today. However, I do intend to level tomorrow and I will hit level 15 by Saturday. I will also be level 16 by Sunday, so I suppose I'm going to make up for it. However, the experience I did get is largely do in part to the generosity of two members here on Central. browni123456 and crath333. I'd really like to thank both of you so much for all that you did today. It may not seem like much to you two, but it was extremely helpful for me. I'll keep everyone reading this blog posted as I continue to progress onwards. More posts to come tomorrow. Peace.

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  1. BWildheart's Avatar
    You should graph this
  2. Brian Icefist's Avatar
    Unfortunately I am technologically inept and I cannot make a graph on the computer. If you wish to try and teach me how or wish to make one yourself, I'd be happy to supply you with all the data you need.
  3. adiw's Avatar
    Do you use Reshuffle TCs?

    Also, you can make a chart by selecting the cells with the XP for each day (in Excel) and clicking Insert>Column
  4. Brian Icefist's Avatar
    No, I do not use Reshuffle TCs. The only TCs I use are Storm Shields generously provided to me by carth333.

    And thanks for the graph tip.
  5. adiw's Avatar
    When you fight with higher levels, do you get Reshuffled?
  6. Brian Icefist's Avatar
    No, I don't. I don't need it to get good experience. Reshuffle is useless in my opinion because it's just like fighting two battles except without stopping in between.