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My new mount!

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After much consideration I have finally bought a mount! It is a bengal tiger and he is just too adorable not to buy (: The price was a little bit expensive but it was worth it because I am riding it every possible moment. He jumps high and is very bouncy too. My hat keep on wobble up and down and it is funny lol. I think I like his tail the most because I just can't take my eyes off that wagging tail XD Anyway, enough of me chattering about my mighty tiger, here is a picture of us outside the arena. I hope you all a happy day (:


I had also added a few more pictures if you wanna check it out


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Updated 10-24-09 at 2:23:04 PM by FuzzyWuzzy



  1. mimifulton's Avatar
    Very nice : ) my life character has a lioness, i like her but she is hard to steer, lol I keep running into things.
  2. Zachary Dragonshade's Avatar
    sweet ride. i just got a Black Stallion. i kinda like it because i started a new person. his name is Zachary Darktalon. i only kept him at level10 because i was doing pvp the whole time. so my dude is like a dark knight in shining armor.lol he has the commander suit,umbra sword and black stallion lol
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    sweetness! That is gonna do well for Halloween, just make sure to wear pumpkin head XD
  4. Ion's Avatar
    nice :D btw cool tiger
  5. Ion's Avatar
    o and nice icon too
  6. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Thank you (: