Beneath the Black Robes

Back to Back Crown Drops

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While farming the Jade Oni using two different accounts, the first battle resulted in a drop of the "Scepter of Spring's Bounty." The second battle, my other account received the drop as well. Maybe you should stop by the Jade Oni, and see how the dropping is. :)

EDIT: Headed to Nightshade and got a Floppy-Eared wand in the first battle.
EDIT2: Just picked up a Spring Egg Wand
EDIT3: Received three more crown drops this morning from Nightshade.

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Updated 4-24-11 at 1:17:08 PM by Swordroll



  1. Ramesses II's Avatar
    I've had similar expereinces, my first Jade Oni fight for the quest got me Sceptre of the Spring, he seems to be sharing.