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The blast of evolution elements

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I have no idea why I chose this title, Just felt cool.

Chapter 1~ The End
The Blast of Darkness and Light hit each other, Brother and brother shed blood, The hero's have gone, nobody can save us now, we must keep life going. "This is madness!" The genreal of the left flank says, "How are we suppose to beat them! They are immortal!" The last part of humanity was going away fast, the machines were closing in, the revolt of the humans were now dead. "How come we can't use the pods?" asked the leader of the machines who was over thrown. "Your 'friends' are blocking the path." siad the leader of the eastern region which was Asia. [I]BOOM[/I] The door opens and gas goes around the room killing all. [I]heheheh[/I] a shadowy voice said[I]. Now that my brother is dead none shall stand in my way![/I] One by one, each of the last remaining humans were tooken out, but the last one that was hiding but choking to death took out a compass and pressed this red button, saying with his last breath "This is the end, turn on the elementals..." and died away.

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