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For some reason I cannot explain I detest this world. I don't know why, perhaps it's a generation raised on super mario that makes you know, just KNOW that a world is not a place you want to be when there is lava involved. Or perhaps it's the number of balance minions in this world that's throwing me off.

My first player being balance, the one I'm learning with, I've had the serious advantage that most of the bosses aren't balance, there are no real blocks for balance except A, resistance or B, tower shield. Now apparently the bosses here use it, a lot, and they have their own little versions of helpful manders. :-(

Now I help other players a lot, but they're all much lower level than I am. I don't bring them to the higher worlds, but I help them with the lower ones. Which means that when I hit something with 6,000 hitpoints (storm lord) I'm kinda sweating here. He's beaten me once already, which I kinda expected because it seems I never remember to switch my blade until after the battle starts, and I'm about half way through him now and doing well with my cards. I have him a little over 4k and I've reshuffled my deck once already. (another reason being a balance wizard rocks)

I really need to make "friends" with the people on the same quests as I am though. If I could find some people to play (that I could stand) then I could do a whole lot better. All these swords, traps, and such are so helpful with a group and I just can't use them when I solo. And I've solo-ed the whole game (pretty much) until now.

I have another Wizard, but I don't feel like leveling them yet. One trains all my pets, the other keeps a dandylion gardern for me. When I'm reading to start them really going there going to be interesting. One is life, the other storm. :-) I plan to level them at about the same pace.

Oh yeah, DS, oh yeah, Storm lord... This guy is kicking my ... well my wizard. I better pay attention before I'm starting him for the third time.

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