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It's getting crazy already!!!

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If you have read my blog before, you might have heard me mentioning of A.P. Euro. It's one of those classes that can really really really kill you during your school year. Especially if you dislike history, like me. Amazingly enough, in three weeks, I will be taking the actual A.P. exam that will allowed me to get college credit. Everyone across the nation is actually taking the exam at the same time to prevent cheating. I thought that was cool lol.

However, in those three weeks, I am required to spend 20 hours studying for it. It's also a project for the class. Bleh, I wouldnt mind studying if I didnt have many other things to do also. It's so hard trying to get everyone together and study as a group. I mean, really, 12 hours have to be group activities. Everyone has a different schedule, it can get really complicated! Trust me, I know because we tried to plan the time when we are available earlier today. Boy, was that hard to do ._.

Anyway, wizard101-related. Hmm, I am considering joining the UK server? I think it's pretty cool from what I heard. You can trade crowns ^^

Have a wonderful week everyone!

P.S. good luck on tests/finals/exams for those that are studying hard, like me!!

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  1. Hydreigon's Wrath's Avatar
    Good luck, I took an AP Government and Politics one last year, and I passed, the writing killed me(I have VERY poor handwriting), but multiple choice was easier. Non sequitur aside, but I do wish you very good luck
  2. Nicktrix's Avatar
    good luck on your AP exam (:
  3. Zach.'s Avatar
    Blah, I'm taking AP Euro too xD Kinda scared for the AP Exam.... D: Good Luck on it!!!! xD
  4. Patrick.'s Avatar
    Join uk server and good luck with exam
  5. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Good luck! You'll do great ^-^
    I don't have to take those yet. Wait, do you have to take those in Canada, eh? xD
  6. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Thanks for all the luck everyone, all I need now is try to study hard lol XD
  7. Salamander Man's Avatar
    You hate history?!?! (Wait, what period? If it's WWII, I'm coming after you in-game)
  8. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    WWII is interesting but the periods before that are not :\