Invoking Pan - Daemonia Nymphe

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[CENTER]Beautiful song, this is a prayer to the ancient Greek god Pan. I know that some people may not want to listen to it due to religious/whatever reasons so this is just a little warning. The translation will be below the video, this song is either in Greek or Ancient Greek; I'm not sure which.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gryeIrAOW8&feature=related"]YouTube - Invoking Pan - Daemonia Nymphe[/ame]

'We summon Pan, the almighty god, the god Pan who is my ally. Sky, sea, mighty earth and immortal fire, come goat like foot dancer who walks around for hours, in the harmony of the world as another song is playing. Pan play some music for us and we will dance as we hear the melodies of your flute'[/CENTER]

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