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Storm & Balance = <3

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Hey peoples!

So, about 2 weeks ago, I started leveling my Storm wizard, Cori Stormblossom, with my brother's fire, Chase Sunspear =D
Currently, I am level 21 and in the Krokosphinx... I've done most of the sides, excluding Sunken City and Colossus Boulevard. I also cheated a bit and went to MB to do the Regants Square sides.

Now, to my Balance wizz xD. My new balance wizard's name is Taylor Hexblossom! x] I'm lvling her with my brother's Death (Tarlac Darkweaver) and my cousin's Ice (Sean Frostbane)... So far, i'm level 5, and almost done Firecat Alley =D

That's all for now folkssssss! ^-^

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