Playing W101

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I finally got around to re-customizing my blog and profile so people can actually see what they write, well including myself.

I'm on a serious hunt for the perfect offensive pet - Balance blade, pain bringer, pain giver, and spritely. This would be a perfect pet for farming. I'm offering up my best pets for these talents. If you have either pain bringer or may cast balance blade please contact me via PM.

I created two new wizards, both named Dylan Drake. I had taken a very long break from the game, but I'm back starting with a new balance and fire. I just bought the new life amulet. How many people find this amulet conflicting in PvP? I have read the threads, and I am completely split on if I like it or not. This is just a cosmetic thing, but I do like the glow around my head. I have been hanging on the practice side of the arena until I can get back into everything. For now I am really focused on questing and my pet.

There is a ton of stuff in the crown shop I have never seen. The bunny costume and life wand especially. The amulets have caused me to go broke, but those are definitely next on my list.

With being back in the game, I still won't be on as often as I use to. I am in the process of finding a bigger place and moving, along with school. I've been in Tennessee the past few months. It has been a great break from the cold weather in Chicago.

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  1. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    Welcome back
    So far, I don't see any problems with the amulets. I think people just over-reacting and throwing fits at the change. It's like crit. So many people hate it, but I don't see a problem with it, easy enough to adjust too. Personally I bought balance amulet, and don't plan on buying the life. However, this is without dueling in legend battles.

    We'll see as time goes on, I think people need to just adjust and realize you don't need to use one of these mastery amulets to be successful.
  2. Drake's Avatar
    I keep looking at the balance and myth amulet, but in the end my boost is for my school and my healing boost would benefit the life amulet. The amulets make pvp quite interesting, and I have still yet to go back to ranked pvp.