Oyotomi's Theory of Separation

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My Theory Of Separation has to do with the 3 basic reasons why Matthew Ogrecoin, Marcus Firetail, Samuel Silvershade, and Myself, broke up and became mortal enemies. It's quite interesting as we were best of friends, and now we're just hating each other for no reason. Well turns out there's a simple explanation to all of it. It's my Theory of Separation and it's composed of 3 Basic Words...

My Theory of Separation:

Power, Love, Fame

As you know, in clans, power, is something huge, and I have to admit, we all wanted more of it. We wanted power and we thrived on power. We only wanted more of it, that eventually came to our own downfall. We broke up when we went for the same power and couldnt agree anymore.

Love, the biggest one... Yes, Oyotomi gets jealous at times and yes he can be very violent at times :P I let my own jealousy over love start an entire war that still leaves neverending scars to this day...

Fame... the smaller of the 3, but still huge. People like me and Marcus, we wanted fame, and fortune. Mat and Samuel, they wanted power... Power, comes with fame somtimes, but sometimes it doesnt... idk what happened with it that I can explain in words... but to be honest.. fame is a major factor.

Now put it all together.. you have the 3 root words that can be traced back to EVERY clan war and every in game violent act between groups we see today. Power, Love, and Fame. The three things that can cause us all to separate and hate on one another when the truth is, we're friends till the end and nothing will ever change that. Now the hard part's here... Can it be fixed? Please note that this also applies to anyone who's having separation problems... or at least it seems... anyways.. yeah...

Please leave your opinion and any questions, comments, and concerns... xD

Or insults... idc really..

~Zach Ravendust~ :45:

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  1. tome5's Avatar
    actually like my friend says "power is resonsability" and if you abuse it it will leave you alone with no one. and i think that if some one turns on you that means for some reason. but i say
    "evil is actually good" because maybe they are jealous of some thing you have
    but deep down in bad there is good :P