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It Is Screenshots Day!

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[CENTER]I have been in a screenshots mood lately.
Here is one of my friend [Nicholas] and I on our Moonlight Ponies.
He bought his, I got mine through the contest. Woot ^^


Here is a random Central gathering in the bazaar.
Haha, it all started with me standing in the bazaar, quite fun really.


And last but not least, the bunny lineeee!!! Can you name the people in this line?


Fun fun fun!

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  1. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Naming the pictures
    [Left to right]
    You(Fuzzywuzzy) - Johnny - Scarlet Shdowstalker - Kane. - Olivia - Paige Moonshade - Alex.

    Correct? xD
  2. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Haha, close, but I shall not reveal the answer till later in the day or tomorrow ^^
  3. Patrick.'s Avatar
    Left from right
    You(fuzzywuzzy) Johnny Dots Kane. Olivia Paige moonshade alex.
  4. God's Grace's Avatar
    Hehehe. >:D nice piccsssss" xD
  5. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    The correct answer is:
    FuzzyWuzzy, Johnny, Dots, Kane., Olivia, Paige Moonshade, Alex.

    Nice job Icelord!
  6. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Wow. How did I not get Dots? xD
  7. Patrick.'s Avatar
    I no muh central memberz