Farming... xD

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Well guys, i'd just like to tell you how bad luck i have farming xD

First, me and my bffy (xD) emily were farming Spike The Crusher (Big Ben Secret Boss) for 4 (FOUR) days nonstop for her Ice School Robe... (suggested by ~dani~) xD Finally got it after 4 days...

Then... I wanted the Bunny staff xD So i farmed Jade Oni for 5 (FIVE) days NONSTOP until i FINALLY got it and vowed NEVER to fight him again.

Then now, i figured out MY death robe, is from Spike the crusher xD So me, emily, and my bro nick, are farming him AGAIN (2 days now), still going at it hard, until i get the death robe xD I just have the worst farming luck it seems...

Anyone else????? :censored:



~zach~ lolz

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