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So... just thinking about my possible merge/alliance with one of the most powerful clans in the game xD Very stressful being a clan leader. I bet no one ever knew how stressful, busy, and hard working clan leaders are xD We have the hardest job ever, we have to lead members, keep everyone happy, handle wars and foreign affairs, do all this central hectic stuff, and still manage our own personal lives xD Like me, I have a girlfriend, a clan, tons of stuff to do on the side, HIGH SCHOOL, homework, band, marching band, and I STILL have one of the most successful clans in the game xD I must say... being a Leader is a hard job and no one should ever bag on those who are leaders xD

ANYWHO, night Wizards! :D And thanks for readin' my random post...

~Zach Ravendust~ :45:

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  1. Chazzy's Avatar
    Well, I think you should give up your girlfriend, band and marching band. Wizard 101 is more important.
  2. Zach.'s Avatar
    ^^ That made my day...
  3. Eric.'s Avatar
    dude sweet blog i wish i could blog i have a account but whenever i type something it says post message must be one or greater you currently have 0 post