Well.. hi :D

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Just another random update thread.

1) ALLERGIES!! x.x

Omg my allergies are going out of control. My nose has been runny for weeks now.. bleh. I usually am never this bad, but I guess I am this year. It stinks :(.

2) School

School is getting tougher (boo!!). I am surviving, however. Yay. :D. In Algebra, we're learning about log and all it's.. logness. How fun.. -_-. We are currently also working on a 1200-1500 word paper about a certain genetic topic.. I got autism. I chose Autism because I've heard about it but I didn't know much about it o:. I've learnt a lot of stuff through my research. It is quite a sad disease, :/

3) W101 PART WOO

Where has Seth been in the spiral? Well..

Lifey: PvPing, messing around, etc. etc.
Deathy: Same as Lifey.
Balancey: Same as Lifey :D
FIREY: WOO FOR FIRE. I am questing him with Chase's balance and Aria's ice. We just finished up the sphinx and I got Immolate and am level 22. Hope to leave KT at 25 o:
Mythy: not much. lol

Lifey or Deathy needs to GH.. some time. heh..heh..heh.

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