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Happy Birthday to you!!!!

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[CENTER]This blog entry is dedicated to my awesome friend, and granddaughter, Saffy.

She is Queen Shamwow and is probably the most random person ever.
She is great.
She is awesome.
She is funny.
She makes me laugh.

Love you a lot Saffy, hope you have a wonderfully fantastic birthday!



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  1. Queen Shamwow's Avatar
    Aww, thanks granneh...-sniffle- Oh, you're going to make me cry...thanks so much :D
    I love ya too, granneh! And here come the tears...-weeps in corner-
  2. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Lol... Why are you crying in a corner? Hopefully those are happy tears :D
  3. Queen Shamwow's Avatar
    Of course they're happy tears! :D
  4. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Happy birthday Saffy!
    Hope you had/have a great one!
    Love ya!

    This is for you:
    *whips hair*
    Remember that? x]
    You did that to Blake xD