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[COLOR=White]Hello, well today i am in a better mood. :) still stuck at home though. but tomorrow ill be at school. and tomorrow is my birthday :) so to be nice i am still holding free 50fg to one person. just post a comment telling me why you want 50fg and ill draw a name (just like my last post i said. ) i will pick winners tomorrow or saturday.

and something i have been thinking lately, i decided to play my ps2 again (i havent played in a long time) and well i played jak and dexter (all 3 of them) anyway they should make a 4th. also i love adventure games but recently games have been kinda boring. i really liked sparo also but that game is like gone. they need ot make games like they used to. i miss them. :( who else agree's?

also from now on i will post a random fact at the end of each blog i do :) they can get weird. :P

FACT: [/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=White]Cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them; a fully ripened cranberry can be dribbled like a basketball.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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  1. Jas's Avatar
    Lol, I like the fact at the end. I want 50 FG so I can a Userpage. I've been saving forever for one and this will really help out.
  2. Chillz's Avatar
    I would like 50 fg so I may use it for bigger prizes for my graphic contest!

    I love Jak and Dexter, and Spyro! I played them all the time :P

    And Happy Birthday!
  3. ~Sunny~'s Avatar
    I would like 50 FG for giving away in my signature contest that I will be holding.

    Hope you have a great b-day!