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bad = nice

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[COLOR=White]i am in a bad mood today, but i have decided to be nice also. if you comment under this post and tell me why you would like forum gold. and give reasons why, ill put your name under the slot machine and the winner will get 50fg. but if you just tell me you want fg and thats it i wont put your name under the machine. i need a reason why. :) just post under and tell me what for and why :)

ll pick winner on the 18th or 19th

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Updated 3-16-11 at 10:31:04 PM by Rose Blood



  1. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    That's really nice of you! I don't need any forum gold, but I bet other people do! You're a nice person ^_^
  2. Rose Blood's Avatar
    thank you
  3. LucasFireHunter's Avatar
    Well i need forum gold i guess for, making a blog to help wizards through out the spiral, and to help with pet problems, and new pets and stuff, i just want to help people.