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[COLOR=White]Hi Wizards,

well so far today is the third day home sick :( and well i am having a bad day. i want to let it all out of my system about things i hate and stuff but if i do it on here ill get in trouble. i can talk about one thing that is making me mad though. (but to all artists it is just my opinion.)

i am irritated with cnc. every time i post a cnc people always (most though, not all) hate it. before i take my work i have done i show it to two people. 1. my high school graphic design teacher. and 2. my mom who is a graphic designer. they both love them and my work gets sold irl. i have had one of my art work posted on billboards signs once. but when i get on wizard people hate it and they don't tell me why or what i can do. theirs even words out there that the graphic design business has never even heard of before. and also gimp is for little kids (no offense to people out there) but the graphic design business made gimp to teach younger children, so they don't have to open up 5 different things just to do work. i guess i should be happy that at least my work is good irl. and a lot of what i said about graphic design business's doesnt mean all of them. just the ones i know.

that was just my opinion on a couple things and i just kinda wanted to let it out of my system. sorry graphic artists on wizard f i hurt you. and i am just having a bad day, i have been stuck at home when i want to leave. especially since my birthday is friday.

but all the artists on wizard are really good also. everyone has there own way of making something. but thats them. they are ALL good.

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