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The "awful/wrong/bad/cheap/broken" ranking system in PvP

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This is kind of like a rant, but hopefully will clear up the problems people say about the ranking system.

People claim that the ranking system for PvP is bad/ wrong since adepts can face legendaries. People say that the system takes only rank into consideration. That is false. The system does in fact take both rank AND level into consideration when making match-ups. I know KI posted about this, but some people still find to complain about how terrible the ranking system is, so I'll see if I can try to clear it up...

Here we go. Let's use a level 28 at 800 rank as our example. Playing adept at high ranks is tough because there are not many people playing adepts in ranked arena. So your chances at facing someone close to 28 with similar rank will be rare. The way the system works, it will broaden its search. It will search for people above and lower than the adepts level.
If the system were based only on rank, the adept could end up facing a level 55 Commander. If the system were based only on level the sdept could face a fellow level 28, but with only 400 rank. That's how you know the match-ups take both into consideration.

When the system cannot find someone at level 28 and around 800 rank it needs to broaden the search. As it goes higher into level ranges it makes the rank it searches for lower. So if it set you up with a level 40 the 40 will be around 600- rank. Yes they are stronger, but because of their rank, the system figures experience wise that it is an even match. So that is how you get level 60s facing the adept at 800 rank. The Legendaries will not have even close to 800 rank. They will be less than 500. More than likley less than 400. Yes it is un-fair due to criticals and higher hp, power pip and attacks. But doesn't mean matching system is broken. It is making it so you don't have to wait multiple hours just to get someone close to you level and rank.
Either face some grandmasters, or never get a duel, your choice.

However the problem with fully geared grandmasters at 500 rank facing adept Warlords is not a problem with the ranking system. It is a problem with the people who rank their wizards down far too low.

So just for those who missed it the system does indeed go off of rank AND level.
I hope this helps explain things and maybe just maybe people will stop blaming Kingsisle for their adepts facing Legendaries.

I have just been getting kinda tired of people complaining about how the system is so bad and complaining about it


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  1. msbrown's Avatar
    What I always wonder about, is why, when I take my new wizard to the arena after getting Diego's little speech, my little level 7 wizard is facing a wizard with arena gear? And a Level 42 pet?

    That takes the bloom off the rose for me, every time...

    My guys and gals all go over when Diego says to, but none of them ever seem to want to go back again...
  2. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    That is not a problem with the ranking system. It is very likely that the person is wearing the gift card gear that looks like arena gear. Depends on their rank I guess. However, the 42 pet... some people are just kinda cheap when they play at low levels.
  3. mythminion350's Avatar
    i think the pvp system is fair, but there are some matches that are completely off. Just the other day i was on journeyman myth and face an adept myth lvl 25 captain. And today i fought balance adept with full commander gear at knight.
  4. TurkishWolf's Avatar
    agreed, i think people complain maily because they can't beat ice legends, or the legend get that "critical" which i think is easily preventable... with my magus i could even survive critical spells though..