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Cloud update :) Still playing game

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Well, I decided to keep on playing for now. I got Alex Cloud(myth) to level 28 right now. I'm questing in MS, just started Tatakai Outpost. I plan to keep Cloud at 39 for magus dueling so I am only doing main quest which is why my level is so low. Thanks to the amazing Outrageous Autumn, the questing here should go much faster than it did in MB and Krok where I was solo-ing.

I have been doing the crafting quests along the way as I progress on Alex Cloud, just hit Master Artisan last night. Soooo much easier with all the black pearls and Blood moss in the bazaar. Only bad thing I'm realizing is... I will have to craft my Treant treasure cards for the GM Artisan quest. Which means 5 aditional Golden pearls -.- Not looking forward to that.

Once I am done leveling and earning gear on Alex Cloud, I shall go back and play my Master myth, Alex Jade[U]river[/U]. He is 46, almost 47 right now, and officially decided on making him my Legend wizard. He is a current adept crafter so I may just make him the GM artisan so he can buy the treant cards, or I'll just have 2 GM crafters lol.

Not too sure about making a second account, I want to but still un-sure how long I'll stay in game, however hatching my wonderful Minotaur pet definitely helps :)

I'm also very tempted to try out DCUO but money is the one thing holding me back :P

Anyways I want to thank everyone who was trying to get me to stay playing this game(Special thanks to Johnny, Celestiamoon, and Digby Strongheart), it's nice to know that even after losing many due to the glitch, there are still wonderful people here on Central. :)


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  1. TurkishWolf's Avatar
    Yay! you are making all your dueling chars myth :P. I don't think you should waste money on a second account anyways, cause you have alot of ingame friends and on central.

    p.s- i like your minotaur
  2. aliszews's Avatar
    That's a beast minotaur dude