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Alex Cloud... To play or not to play

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First off, for those who don't know, Alex Jaderider's account was banned yesterday for the exploit of a bug. Let me say, in no way do I blame KI, or anyone else for that matter. Only myself is to blame and I accept that. I am sad, but that doesn't change my wrong doing. I am sorry to all of those who may of looked up to me, or who have lost respect for me. I know I did the wrong thing by exploting this bug. I hope my fellow central members will forgive me.

Now to the actual blog part. There is and always will be ONE Alex Jaderider. I will never make another one. So that is a sure-fire way to know if it is an imposter since I will not own an Alex Jaderider in-game.

Right now, I am torn between whether I will continue to play, or not. 1 of my accounts was safe containing: Alex Pearlrider(60 storm), Alex Jaderiver(46 myth), Alex Starriver(47 storm), Alex Ghostriver(28 Death), Alex Jadestrider(29 myth) and my newest, Alex Cloud(myth).

Alex Cloud... not sure what to do with him. With the ban I lost my magus Ice Alex Froststrider so I have no one to use in magus tournaments and ladder. I am considering making Cloud my new magus wizard. Then leveling Jaderriver to Legend. Only part that will stink about that is getting the crafted ring, athame, hat, and deck all over again. I don't have a crafter even this time :/

I am not sure I will continue to play though. I lost my main account, which hit me pretty hard. Yes, it was my own doing, but still hurts. I have also lost a lot of in-game friends(Jonah and Heather Rosepetal were very close to me), so not sure if the energy is still there. Time will tell, but for now, I shall be on Alex Cloud. I will be flying around the spiral on a pink dragon, so if you see me, be sure to say hello :)


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Updated 2-11-11 at 12:47:03 AM by Alex JadeRider



  1. Johnny's Avatar
    Keep playing alex!!
    It is human nature to make mistakes and i would never lose respect for you. You are a great duelist and many people look up to you. I wish you the best of luck on your other account.
  2. Fawne's Avatar
    Keep playing.
    If you're still having fun with the game then it's worth continuing with it :D
  3. adiw's Avatar
    I would level up one Myth to 60 and one to 38 if I were you.
  4. Musicalmouse's Avatar
    I have lost so many good friends due to this exploit...but now its time to start a new life
    I can craft you most of the gear you need if you can provide the golden and regular pearls.
  5. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    Thanks for the support guys. I want to keep playing, just a little hard to get motivation now. Howeverrrr I did train a new pet of mine, a Minotaur with Proof, Defy, Spritely and Pips. That did cheer me up since Minotaur is my favorite card and pet

    I think Cloud will be Magus, and Jaderiver will go to Legend. I'm doing crafting wuests as I progress with Cloud, but realized Jaderiver is an crafter(must've done it when crafting first happened) so with all the reagents in bazaar I think this may all work out. Still miss Jaderider though.

    I appreciate the offer MusicalMouse and I will keep that in mind if Crafting irks me too much lol.
  6. dav_gro's Avatar
    Alex I am very sad to hear about what happened. Had a fun time with you and Jonah. I am glad to see you still playing. I am also impressed with the responsibility you are taken with what have happened (shows true class).

    PM me a TFC if you ever online need to farm or anything let me know. If gardening does not hold any adverse feelings I suggest Planting 9-12 Dandilions and you will have plenty of Blood Moss and Black Pearls.

    I still have the sprites we hatched together and I am will to hatch with you if you need to and we never did get our practice duels in.
  7. popstar1602's Avatar
    It happens to everyone, I wont stop looking up to you

    And If I see you which im sure will never happen I will still say hi. And I know what you mean about not re-creating another JadeRider. I dont believe I would feel good re-creating my main character.
  8. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Keep your chin up! Everyone makes mistakes! Though, many of your friends were banned, can you still talk to them on central? Also, you can take this as an opportunity to make some even new friends! We all still look up to you =)
    I know that many people including you will miss Jaderider, but just keep going! We'll be behind you =)
    Song quote, The Climb, Miley Cyrus
    "The chances I'm taking,
    Sometimes might knock me down,
    But no, I'm not breaking"
    We're all behind you Alex.
  9. TurkishWolf's Avatar
    Don't quit you should make all your characters myth duelists in the loss of jaderider :D(this was not sarcastic)
  10. Jonah's Avatar
    I never saw this blog entry. Thank you for mentioning me, that means a lot.

    Still sorry about this ban. I miss Jaderider and Frostriver.